19 October 2010

Kids' Science Challenge

Deadline: 31 December 2010
Description: The 3rd Kids Science Challenge is a nationwide competition for third to sixth graders. Students can enter as individuals or teams, sending in an idea for one of these topics:
  • Magical Microbes - can you come up with a new way that microorganisms can help us?
  • Super Stuff for Sports -using materials science, can you find a way to make your favorite sport safer or more fun?
  • Sensational Sounds - can you dream up a new kind of musical instrument?
If their idea is chosen, they get to visit and collaborate with a scientist or engineer to see their idea come alive, plus win other fun prizes.  The first thousand entrants receive a free hands-on science kit, with activities in each of our science topics.

More Information: You can find more information at the Kids Science Challenge website.

14 October 2010

Optimus Prime Spinoff Award Contest

Deadline: Register before 12 November 2010; Submit videos before 31 December 2010.
Description: NASA and Hasbro, the maker of Transformers, are teaming up to highlight spinoffs, technologies developed by NASA that are transformed into things that are used daily. Spinoff examples include water purifiers, medical imaging software, or fabric that protects against UV rays.

To enter students make a three to five minute videos on a selected NASA spinoff technology listed in the 2009 Spinoff publication. Videos must demonstrate an understanding of the NASA spinoff technology and the associated NASA mission, as well as the commercial application and public benefit associated with the "transformed" technology.

For more info: visit the Optimus Prime Spinoff Award website at http://ipp.gsfc.nasa.gov/optimus. Questions about this contest should be directed to Darryl Mitchell at Darryl.R.Mitchell@nasa.gov.

04 October 2010

“My Place in Space” Art Contest

Deadline:1 November 2010
Description: The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies is sponsoring the “My Place in Space” art contest. The contest is open to students in grades 2-4 who are residents of the United States. This year's contest invites young scientists and artists to explore our solar system and beyond. Artwork will be judged by a panel including artists, educators and scientists.

More Info: For more information about the contest and to find related educational materials, visit www.strategies.org/ArtContest. Questions about this contest should be directed to info@strategies.org.